Artist Trading Cards, Yay!

I made it out to the artist trading card night at the John Snow House, which is the resource centre for Calgary's The New Gallery. It's the former residence of a Calgary artist, John Snow, and a cozy little space to meet and greet other ATC enthusiasts.

I really enjoyed myself. I have traded with most of the other people before and loved catching up. There were also three young ladies there and it was so delightful to trade with them. ATCs are great for young people! And even grown-ups like me. I have to admit I feel very shy testing the artistic waters around town and these nights make it easier for me to get out there by having something in common.

I have two ACEOs left from that night...and these are the ones I brought home:

This is one is my favourite, I have to admit!

Owl ATC Swap

This was my first time participating in a group mystery swap, where everyone sent in four cards and received four cards. The medium was papercutting or scherenschnitte. These are the ones I submitted.

defy gravity

Call to Artists: Please Mr Postman and International ATC Event!

Greetings, My name is Jen, and my art gallery in Portland Maine is hosting an ATC show for the month of August.
This is a link to our Facebook event with info about it
and this is the link to a PDF with the submission form & all the info you will need.
I sincerely hope that many of you here can join us in the fun!
And if you feel so inclined I would be incredibly grateful if you'd spread the word!

Some new ATCs

I found about Artist Trading Cards on Thursday and started making some this weekend. I've been making greeting cards (and selling them locally) for a little over 4 years so this is a great way of making use of some of the smaller bits and pieces.

Collapse )

Sorry if they're a little blurry. I've discovered that I need to purchase a camera and quit relying on my camera phone for everything!

If you're interested in trading, feel free to contact me at @!

panda face

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I am hosting an ATC workshop this Sunday. I have never done this before. I'm having it at my friend's house, I expect 5-10 people. I'm going to bring a box of general supplies; deck of playing card, paint, glue, scissors, some magazines and I guess whatever I can fit into the box that might be useful. I'll also have penny sleeves to put the cards in. Then we will trade, of course :).

Any tips or suggestions?
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